About me


I am a Researcher, Programmer, Automotive Software Engineer, and Freelance creative content writer. My area of interest includes research and development of Computer Science and Engineering, particularly in Automotive Technology, Data Science, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing. I also intend to work on Neurocognition and Computational Neuroscience.

I have been studying various challenges with deep learning and data analysis since 2017 when I had started my undergraduate thesis. Since then I realize that how data can play an ever-increasing role in the evaluation and development of a society. Now that realization of mine has grown into a passion and inculcated in me traits such as analytical thinking, problem-solving and rational reasoning.

“Why human beings are capable of thoughts and emotions?”, “Why human beings can learn and retain memory?”, “How it came that human beings can perceive and perform movements?” Those are some of my early curiosities that initiated my interest in neuroscience. In 2018, when I first started working with Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), in research on Mental Health Rehabilitation my main objective was to explore the field of neuroscience and scope to contribution. But when I am done with that research I found myself in the void with lots of questions in my mind. That questions made me dig deeper into the field of computational neuroscience.

At present, I am doing my MSc in Automotive Software Engineering at Technische Universit├Ąt Chemnitz, Germany. Besides my academic life, I am a mountain lover, bookworm, nature explorer. I express myself as a forward thinker who aspires a challenging position and brings a broader perspective to personal development.

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